Shams Virji

A Passionate Educator

For well over a decade, Shams has devoted his life to the issues of health, proper nutrition and the role supplements play in an individual's health. He has traveled extensively to personally inspect supplement manufacturing facilities and interview their management, scientific and medical teams. Currently working on his doctoral dissertation on nutrition, Shams makes it a point to stay on top of what he needs to know in order to successfully advise you.  

When you work with Shams, you aren't talking with someone who wants to sell you a product. You are working with a man dedicated to the pursuit of health and nutritional knowledge. His passion is being able to pass that information on to you in a straightforward, honest manner and let you decide what is truly best for you.  

An Obsession with Supplements

Shams is constantly researching and evaluating in order to better assist you!

Just because a product claims that it is "Natural" or "Organic" does not mean they are safe or right for you.  There's a lot to know and you certainly can't believe everything you read online or see on the television. So how do you know what to take, or how much to take? That's what Shams has dedicated his life to studying. He meets with you, focuses on your personal situation and makes personal recommendations. He's there to follow-up with you, making sure that your health goals are met and you're back on the right track.  

Before you place that online order, pick something random up at the store, or give your credit card number to someone you don't know on the other end of the telephone line, call or visit Shams at VNC!


  • Shams has extensive knowledge of modern supplements available today
  • His focus is specific to your personal needs
  • He does not tolerate poorly functioning supplements or a manufacturer whose claims are not consistent with what they provide
  • He carries a variety of quality supplements that provide support for each individual area of the body

Without conscientious guidance, you may be mis-informed about what supplements can help with your specific problems. Worse yet, you could be taking supplements that could potentially make your condition worse. 


Connect with Shams and get his advice. No matter where you choose to buy your supplements, Shams is there to advise you along the way.